Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi readers , here i am to share a great deal with you !

Geostring is a place where you can earn money online just by clicking on adverts being sent by email once a week ^^

I'm lazy to type more but you can check out more info at http://www.geostring.com/en/?1266161 (;


Monday, November 29, 2010

Fcuk the company =.=

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today will be the last day of IT Fair ^^

GO and get your stuffs at IT Fair if you haven't done so .
Prices are seriously reasonable , somemore today LAST day already !

Yesterday , there was one person who irritated me .

He texted me , idk how the hell he gotten my number . Saying hello in the 1st text and when i replied who're you ? , he text me asking whether i was * inserts my FULL name * , then i was wtf . THEN HE DIE ALSO NEVER ANSWER MY CALL , nevermind . Tried again calling at night , he answered , i ask him who he was , he HUNG UP . I texted him AGAIN and he told me who he was -.-

Thanks to Kaisheng for telling me that my number was up on my FB profile . I didn't realised that as i haven't been using this account for YEARS , yes , YEARS , until a few months ago ? And this number was being used only from last year -.-


So below is the guy's information .

Name : Yong Bing

Number :+65 81610843
Email : yongbingtok-89@hotmail.com

Facebook Profile : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=717833620

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Everybody who's working at IT Fair , GAMBATEH !

Today is Saturday , which is weekend (:
Confirm got alot of people , so good luck for your sales !
Sell more , get more commission and can spend more money , hehe .

Friday, November 26, 2010

2nd day of work ^^

Gonna be working with the girls again ♥

Being a promoter isn't bad , but you've to stand for the whole day .
Yes , whole day , legs will be tired like mad , so i quitted being a promoter a year ago . Though pay + commision may be high , you have to have sales too !
No sales = No commssion :(


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy birthday to my dearest boyfriend ♥

Although i can't spend this day with you , but you are always on my mind .
Every single second that you ain't with me , you are still in my heart .
We have been together for a month plus and i hope to spend your birthday with you , every single year , as your girlfriend .

Hope that you've a nice day !

WORKING AT SITEC which is located at EXPO , company is MCCOY .
Do go find me yeah ^^

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GEO Lens CP-F3 ( RED ) instock , no degree available .

Letting go at SGD 20 with registered postage .

If interested , email me at rbk-x3@live.com.sg (:


Actually , i do have feedbacks from people that my rates for GEO Lens are a lil high . But so what ? If you think that my rates are high , then please don't buy from me , go get your lenses from others . I've been trying to keep it low when i ain't earning much and if you people think that i am earning alot , sorry , but no loh . I only earn around SGD 2 - 3 a pair , then when people buy alot , your prices must be lowered , than i earn around SGD 2 , sometimes , if it's those super close friends who buy , i totally don't earn . And when the lens don't come , i've to do refund , if you ordered wrongly , i also do refund , ain't i nice enough ? I've though of closing down GEO Lenses for a long time alr but i have never close it down due to the strong support of lovely customers . So please think twice , who will ever do refund for you when you've placed your orders wrongly or you never stated the degrees clearly etc ? Who will help you to advertise for your lenses which you have ordered wrongly ? Who will be willing to accept late payment and wait till passing the lens then get payment ? Who will be willing to pass you the lens first without you paying up and only to get your payment a few weeks later ? You people tell me la , ain't i nice enough ? Sometimes , i do this business till pekcek . Everytime need to ask you all for payment , you all think i like meh ? I also don't like to ask you all for payment , if i could , i also would like to wait till the lens arrive then pass you all the lens then collect payment . I also wish that GEO don't missed out any of my orders so that you all , the customers , would get your lenses happily without waiting for too long .

I AIN'T PIN POINTING AT ANYONE , but i really hope that you all can understand . It's not possible to please every customer but i've already done my best .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tueeeeeeeeeeeeeeesday .

Today is gonna be a boring day , oh well .
I think , i think , i think , i miss my blonde hair .
So should i dye back to blonde , stick to my current blue hair or just dye it to natual colors like black or brown ?

Any suggestions ? ^^

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just a random post .

Do i look like someone who goes clubbing / drinking or smokes ?

Sadly , i don't think so . But why do people often think that i do at least one of the above stated ?

I think that i look like those whom are guaiguai types , hehe . But alot of people don't think so , which is like super saddening okay . I admit , i've got hair colored like some @$!#^#&##! like that , but so what ! Just 2 words to describe my hair , it's style and it's cool !

Okay la , maybe i do say vulgaraties at times , but come on , who don't ?
When i was 11 or 12 years also , people around me were all saying it alr -.-
So yeah , i am just a normal girl , not some chao ahlians you see outside .

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear readers ,
I feel that my blog hits have been dropping quite alot this few days
and i'm sorry for the boring content that i've been posting up , i really hope that you readers can understand as i can't be meeting everybody's wants to be posted on my blog ! So i'll be doing advertorials like twice a month and mostly will be about my daily life or maybe some other lil bits and pieces of info about me so you all can actually get to know me better too , heehee !



Pix Credit : Rupin ♥

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My dream career (:

I've always been aspiring to be a writer . I wish to share with everybody whatever i feel and by writing a story , i wish to make everyone addicted to the stories . Stories about how i feel , stories about friends who are true , stories about relationships and lots more .

A lil info about me (:

I've always love reading books and the books i love reading or by Torey Hayden or Stephen Donaldson . Torey Hayden's books can be found at major bookstores but not Stephen Donaldson's books , don't ask me why , i don't know also , LOL .

Torey Hayden have written quite a number of books and most are true i think . But even if it's fake , her stories are touching to the eyes , YES , the eyes and not the ears , cause you use your eyes to read a book and not your ears , LOL .
You will be feeling fortunate if you've read the stories written , those kids , they have suffered much but still , they are fine in the end ^^

Stephen Donaldson's books are quite nice but too bad , it's just more to those , lemme think , how should i say it ? Hmmm , the stories written are interesting but if you've a imaginative mind , that's a great thing ! Cause you would be lost in the stories , in your own illusion (:

Friday, November 19, 2010

Working today and having training with the babes for IT Fair ^^

Thursday, November 18, 2010

McCoy Holdings

Alot of people have been asking me about the temp job i've took up recently .

So i shall post it up here for your easy reference and not ask me anything as i'm a lazy person as everybody knows and i won't answer MOST of your questions if you asked , so look and read the below yourself .

I'm currently with McCoy Holdings , a company which sells digital products as well as healthcare & wellness products and lots more , can't be listing all here as i'm lazy , yes , i am a lazy person , so look at the below and go WOAH , can i get all this now ?

But i won't be posting up much , don't forget , i am a LAZY person ^^

Digital Products


Yes , E BOOK on the go ! I <3 it ttm , gonna get one soon for myself !

For people who don't know what's E BOOK , E Book can be downloaded with alot alot alot of stories , yay , for bookworms like me go get one cause it's super worth it , cause you don't have to buy and buy alot of books , taking up SPACE too but E BOOK is super convenient , thin and DO NOT TAKE UP ANY SPACE , yay !

Healthcare & wellness products


Looking at the pictures above , you guys might be thinking , this is just a normal product you can get almost anywhere , but have you guys thought of why is it under healthcare and wellness catergory ?

Here's the explaination (:

In most of the showerheads , washing machines or laundry balls , most of them are just NORMAL and just help to keep us clean or get our clothes clean etc . But products sold at McCoy ain't the same as those you get outside . Theirs are with a filter inside and that helps to lessen the chlorine / bacteria when you are showering using the shower head or just washing your clothes with your washing machine , laundry ball or laundry bag .

And for the Anti Oxidant Alkanline SUS Stick , you can enjoy antioxidant alkaline ionized water with mineral anytime , anywhere , super convenient , ME LIKEY ^^
Anti-oxidant( low ORP ) effect by removing active oxygen . Alkaline water aids in increasing body metabolism .

That's like so nice right , i mean for people who are choosy like me who don't drink plain water if it's NOT filtered , ya la , i know , you might be thinking , water is just water , not filtered or filtered , no difference also .

But the fact is , GOT difference okay . Filtered water tastes nicer while unfiltered water got a weird taste .

Link : http://yourmccoy.com/index.asp


Information : http://yourmccoy.com/index.asp
Pix : http://yourmccoy.com/index.asp / http://www.iriver.com

NOTE : If you copy any information or pix from this post , PLEASE credit them to the websites above .

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today will be an advertorial on Tsume Nail Spa ( MALAYSIA ) ^^

They specialised in manicure , pedicure , nail art , nails extensions and lots more .

I had my Acrylic nails extension done and it only costs me RM120 = SGD50 (:

The below are pix of my nails (:

My nails are done by June Lau .
If you are interested to get this set of nails done , do go to Tsume Nails Spa to get yours done too !

Tsume Nails Spa Address ( HQ ) address :

F-57 , Jalan Sulaiman
Bangunan Holiday Plaza
Johor Bahru

Number : 07-335 1730

Nail Spa ( Branch )

35 , Jalan Pelangi
Taman Pelangi 80400
Johor Bahru , Johor

Number : 07-355 0694

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Working from 9am to 6pm , sadly , i won't be able to reply any smses or entertain any calls unless it's lunchtime BUT , i'll try to get back to you guys asap ^^

As this is a new temp job , i hope that there will be NO politics which is NOT possible and i hope that nobody will comment on my hair or ask about my age which is NOT really possible too .
Sucha sad case , everything i hope for is almost impossible .

Here's a short note to my boyfriend (:

Thanks for everything .

Iloveyou .

Monday, November 15, 2010

Met up with Shiqi and Rupin today , had a great afternoon with them (:
Caught a movie with Rupin & Pin Han today too , MEGAMIND .
It's a thumbs up show , do go and watch it if you haven't done so !

& here's a note to my PB on my tagboard .

Hey PB , i'm sorry but i won't be posting up my boyfriend's pix . I mean , i don't care and don't mind about what do you think or whatever but to me , i don't see any reason for you to ask and it's been close to 3 weeks since i posted that up and you ask only now ? That's really like woah , i didn't know i've readers who backtracked till last month post which is near to 3 weeks ago and come and ask me only now . That's so HARDWORKING ^^

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I think , my hair now will scare you people off :<

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hey-youz is an online store which sells RINGS , yes , ranging from kawaii ones to vintage types . Enter the page and you will sure to find one that you like .

Sadly , the price isn't reasonable :<

IT'S CHEAP , YES , CHEAP , sorry to be using this word cheap but it's really CHEAP , that's the main keyword that we girls love , isn't it ?

I've bought like 6 rings from her alr ,and what matters is that i absolutely love them ^^

Jo , the owner of Hey-youz is a friendly and responsible !
She will check with you everyday once she posted out your items to see if you've received your items and that's like so sweet , tell me , outta 10 online stores you purchase from , only 1 or 2 will be so sweet like Hey-youz right ?

Yes , so please purchase your rings at Hey-youz now !

Hey-youz Link : http://www.hey-youz.blogspot.com/

Friday, November 12, 2010

Today , this post shall be about the 2 recent slashing cases which was at Downtown East and Bukit Panjang .

For the case at Downtown East , you guys can check out the story here : http://sg.theasianparent.com/articles/teen-slashed-to-death-at-downtown-east

The slashing case at Downtown East a few weeks ago did NOT happen because of a staring incident . I think that the reporters / news agency have NO sense of responsibility as in , they have NOT checked the case throughly and they have already turn the truth upside down and this is unfair to the suspects whom were caught for being in the case . Yes , they are wrong to have killed Darren , but it's definitely NOT a staring case . If you guys don't know , here's the truth . They have actually have some dispute before this and people from Pasir Ris actually ask the suspects down etc . As for what happen , do not ask me , i don't know .

I posted this up as i feel that it's totally UNFAIR to the suspects whom seem guilty as charged but news agency / reporters should not report WRONG information and this have misled people into thinking that this whole incident have NOTHING to do with Darren and his group of friends .

For the case of Bukit Panjang , you guys can check out the story here :

For the case of Bukit Panjang , i am not really sure of which gangs are involved but the news have reported at the suspects are from 369 . This has caused even more tension among parents as they are worried about their children going out at late night as they are worried that their children will be in danger .

For the Bukit Panjang case , i am not really sure about the details but just think that people nowadays are really too much . They attacked people even before they have the chance to reply whether their victims are from the gang , Pak Hai Tong a not .

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Emily Nail Palour & Wellness

I went to do my nails yesterday evening at a home based salon again (:

This time , it's a home based salon located at Marsiling and it's just a 6 minutes walk away from Marsiling MRT station .

I did express manicure with pink and blue pastel colored nails .

The pix below are my nails , love them and thanks to Rupin for taking the photos ^^

See the below pix , got blings on my thumbs , so pretty ^^

Get a similar set of nails at $10 ( express manicure ) and blings at an additional of $2.50 each (:

Emily specialise in nails , body scrub , waxing and whitening and leg treatment .

Nails services includes express and classic manicure and pedicure , nails extensions , nail art , french manicure , french tip , temporary nail tips , ingrow nail treatment , nail repair etc .

Please note that i do not know the prices and if you are interested , you may enquire by giving a call to Emily , her number is right below at this post (:

Emily's Number : +6591012689

Address : Blk 303 Woodlands Street 31 #02-169 Singapore 730303

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today , this post will be about a friend whom i knew called Derek .

Knew him through Secondary school and yes , with him around , time flies .
He can make you laugh like crazy with his jokes and his singing is superb !
He can take up singing as his career and yes , i mean it .
He's currently studying in the UK , yes , he abandoned me and went to study in UK .

Good luck to you for your studies and hope that you will suceed in whatever you have interest in and please come back soon to meet your poor friend who's dieing to meet you for very long but haven't met you once when you have already come back for a few times .

Derek's Blog : http://musicf0rlyfe.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OH NAILS Advertorial (:

A few weeks ago , i decided to pamper my toes , okay , sounds quite weird .
Can you girls guess how much i did my classic pedicure for ?

$25 ? $28 ? $35 ? $40 ?

SADLY , it's not the prices stated above .

BUT HAPPY ME , i did my classic pedicure at just $20 ^^
I've never seen home based salons offering classic pedicure at just $20 .
$20 is like WOAH , is it too good to be true ?
YES , IT'S TRUE , just $20 only , heehee .

And now , you will be like wah , Rebekah , share with me this place lei .
I shall be nice and share it you girls on the goody goody deal !

I had my nails done at Oh Nails , a home based salon located at Khatib .

The manicurist , Alyssa , is a nice and patient lady .

I went there to have my classic pedicure done .
Alyssa were gentle to my toes , i mean , some people can anyhow do till bleed or whatever one , i won't mention which nail palour it is , in case i ( might ) tarnish the good reputation they have build up .

My toes were soaked inside a basin , yes , as i've said , this is a home based nail salon , you can't be , you know , expecting whatever you get in those nail palour .
After soaking , Alyssa tried to remove the nail polish that was painted on my nails . Although my toe nails color were hard to remove , don't ask me why , i don't know why also , she slowly and patiently remove it and tada , her hard work paid off , they were finally removed , yay , so i've clean toe nails ^^
After that , the next step is to soaked again , apply some scrubbing cream or whatever you call it , and after that , it was time to wash off the cream thingy and yay , the favourite part of pedicure , to get rid of dead skin . I really hate dead skin alot , it causes me not to have the smooth feeling on my soles .
And Alyssa set to work by removing the dead skin and woohoo , my soles are happy and contented , cause they feel so much comfy with no dead skin !
IT'S NOW TIME TO APPLY THE COLOR , so excited , cause i chose the newest ' CRACK ' series to be applied on my toes with purple as the base color ^^
WOOHOO , after like some time , it's finish and i am super satisfied with the results .

The below is a pix of my pretty nails and please ignore my ugly legs .


And Oh Nails link is placed below so that you can go to the website to see the pretty pix of the nails that Alyssa had done for her customers !

Oh Nails Nails' Services

Express Manicure / Pedicure : $8 / $9
Classic Manicure / Pedicure : $15 / $20
Acrylic Extensions : $70
Gel Extensions : $70
Removal of Acrylic / Gel Extensions : $30
Repair of Acrylic / Gel Extensions : $4 per nail
Acrylic / Gel Extensions Infill : $4 per nail
Gel Top Coat : $10
2D / 3D Nail Art : $2 - $8 per design
Glitter Color : $8 / color
Crystals : $1 each

Anyway , if any of you are booking an appointment with Alyssa 3 weeks later , do lemme know , then we can go together , cause i wanna go get my nails done , her service is absolutely great ♥

NOTE : Sorry if i've gotten the sequence wrong or something , i don't have a good memory plus i never took photos too , so i tend to forget .

Oh Nails Link : http://www.ohnails.blogspot.com
Oh Nails Email : ohnails_alyssa@hotmail.com
Oh Nails Contact Number : +6590688932

Monday, November 8, 2010

What's LOVE to you ?

Being a timer and time your boyfriend / girlfriend ?

Being true to each other , basking in happiness every second ?

Love = Sex ?


If you have a different view , feel free to share by tagging in my tagboard .

Answers will be out in the evening if there's any respondents ^^

I'll be posting up my view on what's LOVE to me in the evening too .


Chih Peng

Love is a trust shared by 2 people . The other half is someone who will be there for you & u'll always want to be around her (:


For me , L-Love O-One V-Very E -Everlasting , love is trust ,care and hearts . Because i have regreted in the past . So i know love is very complicated and learn the importance of cherish of love that everyone have , love is someone you needed to share with your life experience and problems with your partners . That is love for me . And also loyalty :)


Love to me is just simply a feeling . You tend to be more relax when you are with the person you love , feeling happy and totally stress free . Love is blind as they often said and it's true . Love can create miracles .

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Met Yingjie in the noon and that sweet lil girl pass me a cute bear from Korea and a dress .
I mean , that's like so sweet and nice of her , go overseas and still remembered to buy gifts back for me , heehee .

Met peeps of N493 for dinner today too ^^


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Here's a short note to Cheryl (:

Hey girl , apologies that i can't make it for your birthday celebration , will meet you up soon !



Friday, November 5, 2010

GEO Preorder 15 is closing on 12/11/2010 and payment have to be in by 14/11/2010latest . But it's advisable you all bank transfer / meet me by 7/11/2010 , as i'll be in Malaysia the next whole week ! So i really hope for everyone's cooperation and understanding . I would like to thank my customers for their everlasting support too , thanks alot !


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Help to like a photo at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5481671&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=129231660431299&id=747815035 , thanks !

But you guys have to go like the page first at http://www.facebook.com/pages/National-Geographic-Channel-Asia/129231660431299 (:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not long ago , i participated in Kiyomi's giveaway and guess what ?
Omg , i was actually stunt when i gotten the news that i've won the eyelashes !

Below are the pix of the pretty eyelashes ^^

Mellish Eyelashes are from JAPAN , yes , JAPAN ^^
Woohoo , so cool and their lashes are soft and nice .

I shall post the picture of me wearing it when i've the time , cause i just received them yesterday , heehee .

You might be thinking now , where can i get it ?

You can actually get it at Spreeshoppu which is a online store which has open by Kiyomi . If you are a jap fashion lover like us , you should visit Spreeshoppu NOW !

Spreeshoppu have a range of instocks and preorders and from time to time . Kiyomi will bring in special preorders and instocks .

THE CURRENT SPREE GOING ON IS THE DOLLYWINK SPREE which is open till 4 November 2010 only and it will arrive 4 days later which is 8 November 2010 !

Since Christmas is just a month away , why not take this chance to get something for yourself , your bff or guys , you can get them for your girlfriends ! Plus , the items are not expensive and they are from JAPAN !

Dollywink Upper / Lower Eyelashes @ S$21.90 per box ( consist of 2 pairs a box )

Dollywink Eyelash Glue @ S$16.80

Dollywink Eyeliner Pencil ( Black / Brown ) @ S$16.80

Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black) @ S$21.90

Dollywink Eyelash Case @ S$8.90

Prices stated above are inclusive of normal postage .

Link Of Kiyomi's Blog : http://ai-kiyomi.blogspot.com/

Link Of Spreeshoppu : http://spreeshoppu.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back from work (:

Don't bother asking how is my day cause it will always be the same reply , BORING .
I mean , how can work even be interesting , you guys agree with me ?
But we need to work in order to survive in this world , if not , byebye to you .
This world talks about money now , not some ahbeng / ahlian matters alr .

Monday, November 1, 2010

Today is 1st of November 2010 which is a Monday , a brand new start of the month starts with a 1st and Monday (:

Here's a short note for my boyfriend .

I totally hate your phone charger and how you ain't free to meet me this weekend , but i don't think you know that i hate it when you have no time for me ! Yes , though you treat me very very well , i do need you to meet me too ! Okay la , maybe we are meeting everyday on the weekends and perharps , you are bored alr , hahaha .


So all i wanna end with is , PLEASE MAKE TIME FOR ME !