Thursday, April 26, 2012

Disclaimer : BEFORE YOU READ THE BELOW , I MUST STATE THAT , I'M NOT PIN POINTING AT ANYONE IN THIS POST AND ALL OF MY PICTURES ARE RAW , WITHOUT ANY EDITING . I myself , have super duper low self esteem . I'm sensitive to whatever people comment , good or bad . I will think about their comments day and night . If let's say , they comment the good stuffs , i'll be thinking if they're just sacarstic or hypocrites . I mean some meant it but well , i'm really sensitive to EVERY SINGLE THING that people say about it . Let's take a situation that happen in the toilet . There was 2 girls and i was with my 2 gfs . We were just touching up on our makeup and those 2 girls keep staring at me at first . I went in to change clothes and well , when i came out , they were still there , but i don't know what they're talking about la . But from what my gfs told me , they 2 were being stared at too . So this incident happen like weeks ago and it's still on my mind . If people say i'm ugly , short , fat or whatsoever , i don't mind it that much . But sometimes , don't be too much . I'm ugly but not ugly until i cannot face people with makeup , look at the pix below . Sorry if it scares you . But i believe that most girls , once they remove their makeup and lens , they won't be any better .
For those whom said i'm fat and short , yes , i'm fat and short , but not to the very extreme , look at the pix below . I am around 165cm and weigh 51kg .
Maybe some of you , who said that are just joking , but please think of the person's feeling . Sometimes , i said i do not mind . But have you people ever thought how i feel ? NO , you all never . Perharps it's time for you all to go and take a good look at the mirror , no offence . To those reading this post , you might be thinking , you never say anyone before meh ? I did , yes , i TOTALLY DID . I took into consideration how they'll feel . So don't come and frame me saying whatever bullshit after reading this post . I only comment on others if they're really too much or if their real life & pix got difference . I mean , HUGE difference of course . If not , i wouldn't even bother , unless they piss me off , LOL . They ain't even related to me , so i don't see any need to waste my time commenting on them or insulting them ? AND YES , ONE LAST THING , THAT REALLY MAKE ME FREAKING PISS OFF . Eh hello , i don't owe you a living and neither do you need to give me this kind of attitude . You said i let my partner do everything instead of doing it myself . For goodness sake , this is PROJECT WORK , get it ? There's only one doughnut board , i've PLACE all the components by myself while she does the soldering . You said this for the 2nd time . You said you never see anything , cause you never come for a few days . YES , YOU ALSO KNOW YOU NEVER COME , SO WHY EVEN BOTHER COMMENTING ? YOU KNOW HOW FCUKING HURT I WAS WHEN YOU SAID THAT ? Maybe to you all this is NOTHING MUCH , but i was on the verge of tears . I got do things you said i let her do everything . I really don't know what's wrong with you . Maybe to you , i NEVER do anything , nevermind but is there a need to say me until like that ? NOOOOOOOOOOO , there isn't a need . I repeat AGAIN , i don't owe you a living , stop giving me this type of attitude when i freaking bothered to talk to you nicely !


  1. Oh when I commented on your pic the other day.. i meant that.. :( I wasnt being sarcastic.. Cheer up!! I think all girls have self esteem problems, some are just way too insecure so they say all these mean stuffs (theyre just jealous) I seriously think Im ugly too ><" I hate my nose, i wish it was smaller and I gained a lot of fat recently TT that i rarely take pictures or post some cause almost everyone (esp my cousin who is a girl) will comment on how fat i look (and i seriously find it offending) :( hehe cheer up!!

  2. Hello Jessica , i didn't meant you ! Thanks so much .. You ain't ugly , you're drop dead gorgeous <3