Saturday, April 16, 2011

Well , i'm actually planning for my 18th birthday celebration currently , so i need to know vaguely how many people would attend .

11 of May 2011 and the place isn't decided yet , if you're interested in coming , you can email me at with the title ' Birthday Celebration ' or just leave a comment at this post comment column with your name and email .

Without your email , i won't be able to inform you of any details , so your email is the most important thing ever !

Lastly , DON'T BE SHY , i would love to meet my readers too , winks .

PS : The birthday celebration will be held in Singapore .


  1. OOoh I'm planning for my 18th too :) Mine's May 22 hehe

  2. Hello Jennifer ^.^

    That's pretty nice , hehe . Our birthdays fall on the same month ♥