Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm really glad that the 2 of them didn't blame me .

One of them type this whole long paragraph out .

den i gt 1 thing tell u i don care what others thing about u
n by typing out all those wont change my feeling toward u
like what u type inside the blog u wont change for some1 else
but i don care
n i don1 u to change
i just love the way u are
i just don have the courage to ask u be my girlfriend and i don1 stress u
u go rest earlier don think too much.
tmr if u 1 i go meet u
if still feeling upset .. give me a call i go find u .

And the other one , he was sweet too .

When i told him to go and rest , he said those words below .

I have something to tell you , i will still wait for you no matter how long de .

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