Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Confession.

Well , this is gonna be a I AM SO BITCH post .

I'm actually gathering alot of courage to actually type this post out . Cause i know that there'll be fcuking loads of comments and insults . Plus maybe alot more haters to my haters list .

You guys whom hate me should prolly create a ' I HATE REBEKAH Facebook Page ' , so you can all discuss about how bitchy i am , how much you all hate me , why you all hate me and stuffs like that , LOL .

Anyway , this post is actually about ...

I'm sorta in love with 2 guys at the same time and both of them likes me too ._.
& now , i feel that i'm being sandwiched between the both of them at times ?

1 is actually asking me when can i be his girlfriend .
The other one didn't said anything , but he's really trying his best to make me happy .

Er , so i've actually came out with a thinking , of something like ...


I could give either one of them my 100% or perharps , even more .
But by now , they should know , i'm easily jealous and i get angry even over small things , pretty stupid but , I WON'T CHANGE FOR ANYONE .

Or maybe , i should pray everyday .

The prayer will be something like the below ...

Dear god , please lemme have a twin which is just exactly like me , nothing more or less , so the 2 guys can have 1 of me each .

Pretty stupid thinking i guess , but i don't wish to hurt anyone .



But i can't bring myself to do that , NEVER .

HELLO , I may seem like a bitch , that's what you think ?

You ain't me , so FREAKING SHUT THE HELL UP .

I know my flaws , you know yours .
I don't know yours and you won't understand what's mine .

So yes , if you've nasty comments or thoughts about me and you wanna voice it out , it's up to you . But if you're gonna be MEAN , i'll too . So please don't blame me for that .

For now , we shall all remain as friends for the time being .

& to the 2 guys , i'm sorry , gimme some time .

Maybe you 2 might never want to talk to me again , idk , but i feel so much better now , having everything typed out .

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