Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A post to you .

I cry almost every night thinking about us . Feeling so goddamn stress , depress and idk who to tell .
I totally don't like this type of feeling . I can't tell you either . You will say i am always like that or you won't bother . I don't want to bother the girls with this type of useless stuffs . I feel so alone totally .

Now i think i know why you broke up with her in Audi or maybe you 2 have even got together before , idk . There's no need to spare a thought for me , really . If you're happy , go ahead and do whatever you like . There's no need to bother thinking . I'll be fine .
Don't need to think too much about what you told me either , there's nothing like i told you .
There's no need for any ring , there isn't a need for it anymore .

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