Friday, September 30, 2011

This post is specially dedicated to my boyfriend ♥

Alright , here goes why .

This 2 weeks , he've been trying to spend as much time as he could with me so i can see him everyday .


Which guy will be willing to forgo his sleep , just to accompany you cause you're alone at home and he knew you would be scared and miss him alot .

We do quarrel alot of times in a day over stupid things , hahaha . Make me wanna laugh when i recall , LOL . But well , our love for each other just gets deeper and deeper (;

Well , below is for my boyfriend ..

Bibi , me love you ♥

I know , i show you attitude almost everyday , but i try not to lo . TRY ONLY AH !
And well , i hope to get my DAILY BREKKIE ^^

Bibi , always remember the words below ♥

It wasn't fate or destiny that brought us together , but it was ♥

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