Saturday, September 24, 2011


I pity people whom died without knowing why .

Like hello , they've been living a happy life and suddenly they pass away and they don't know and the next moment , they're in hell , heaven or whatever place they're suppose to go to !

And because i was bored on the bus in the noon , i suddenly had thought of people died without knowing why , LOL , very random i know . Got nothing to do on bus also what .

So now , i'll share with you all why they don't know they died .

Let's name the victim , A and the other party , B .

A was happily walking home and when B jump down , wanting to commit suicide and drop on A . UH OH , here comes the trouble ! A , in most cases , would pass away sadly . A didn't do anything wrong ! A was just walking home . But in this case , this isn't really B's fault either .

PS : Note that the area is empty before you jump , LOL .

P.PS : Just joking , not encouraging you all to jump okay !

B was being hired to be an assasin to kill a betrayer but he stab the knife into the wrong person which is A . So A died without knowing why , pitiful isn't it ?!!!!!!!

PS : Next time be careful to choose who to stab the knife into ><

P.PS : LOL , i am not encouraging you all to kill people -.-

A was sound asleep but her heart suddenly stop beating and she stop breathing , OMG .
This is another case of sadness whereby the person is gone without saying bye to everybody she loves !

PS : If one day , this happens to me , my soul will cry .

Okay , end of my post ~~

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