Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm a failure in life .

Yes , wanna know why i say this ?

I know nobody is perfect , but this is just one of the many emo days i'm leading .

I've failed as a daughter . Since young , mum and dad have treat me fairly good until now . Whatever i wanna do , they'll support me . From being wanting to be a model =.= , working at a sex toy shop , quiting school and joining back as and when i like , taking O's this year , even things like placing the sex toys goods in the house , they don't mind . They didn't even say anything about it as they're pretty supportive !

Love you 2 , Daddy & Mummy !

I've failed as a sister . My sisters have been really nice to me always . We do quarrel over lil things -.- alright , i know i'm childish , LOL . I've been nasty to them at times when i'm not in a good mood but who'll ?

Joyce & Deborah , you girls will always be in my BEST sisters list !

I've failed as a girlfriend . My boyfriend is the BEST guy in this world ever . He brings me everywhere i wanna go and get me everything i want ! He's those type of guys who's close extinction . But as i'm those type of easily jealous ones , i get jealous over the slightest thing . And often , when i'm not in good mood , i tend to flare up at him , yes , i know , i'm too much , sorry ! I'll treasure you and never let you go .

Bibi , you're gonna be the guy whom i love the most ^^
( PS : Besides my dad and granddads , LOL )

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