Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today , i'm gonna post about a question that nobody can ever solve .

The question is , do the egg or chicken comes first ?

If it's the egg that comes first , where did it came from ?

Appear out of nowhere ? Somebody created it ? It was a gift from God ?

If it's the chicken that came first , where did it came from ?

Drop down from the sky ? Pop out from a spaceship ?

So what do you guys think about this question ?
Do leave a comment on what you think (:

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  1. chicken, god created chicken first, haha.. bcuz if it were egg that came first, it won't even HATCH! lulz

  2. I'm not such a religious person though, I'm agnostic. but, where do we human came from? monkey? god created us?

  3. @Lina Kim , hmm , okay , haha . I think that we , humans , evolve from monkeys ?