Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh hi , i'm back to blog again ^.^

This time , it's gonna be a short post on what's happening nowadays ?

For those whom actually do add me in Facebook or perharps , let's say those whom hang out with me often , would know that my CPU lagged on me often and i just send it for repair and yay , it's BACK ^.^

I'm taking up O's , like finally and well , O's Chinese exams is over , except for the Oral ? Anticipating the rest of the subjects' exams to arrive ? LOL .

Holidays are coming soon too , needa get a job ASAP too .

Well , if i continue my rantings , there would be alot more -.-
So i shall stop here , hehehe .

PS : Kindly click on the Nuffnang Ads if there's any , thanks lovelies !

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