Sunday, April 24, 2011

Once , i've a nice and caring dad .

He would shield me from all the beatings and scoldings from my mum . He would bring me out if my mum scolds me . He would do anything to protect me from harm .

BUT ...

Nowadays , he get flared up easily at whatever i say nd we often quarell . I am pretty tired of this , seriously .

We can quarell over every single thing he or i said .

I swear , i'll move out soon , i cannot live with this type of hot tempered person .

But dad , i want to tell you something .

Dad , i love you .


  1. Booohooo D: -huggy-
    Rebekah, take a deep breath and go talk with your dad! I'm sure he's still the same loving person.
    I hope everything turnes out well!


  2. Hi ^.^

    Thanks ! Yeah , we're back to normal now (: